The A-Z of Top Teaching Tips


 I know that no one wants to watch long videos nowadays. So this course contains 26 mini-videos entitled the A-Z of Top Teaching Tips. These bite size videos will share some of my teaching knowledge with you.  

The first 13 are provided here for free. If you would like access to the second half of the course, including tips on passing observations, how to teach exam classes and how to deal with phones in class, click below.

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Top Teaching Tip 1: A is for Adaptability

(Don't worry - the wind dies down after about 20 seconds) 

Here is the first Top Teaching Tip - A is for Adaptability

Top Teaching Tip 2: B is for Books

Here is the 2nd day of the A-Z of Top Teaching Tips.

B is for Books


Top Teaching Tip 3: C is for Classroom Management

The next Top Teaching Tip brought to you from the Cliffs of Moher

C is for Classroom management

In this video, I give a couple of short tips related to effective classroom management. If you want more detailed tips, check out these articles from the Top Class Teacher blog


Top Teaching Tip 4: D is for Discipline

Here is the next video in the Top Teaching Tips A-Z.  D is for Discipline  As promised, here is an associated post related to two methods of discipline with kids and it comes from the Top Class Teacher Ebook which will be available soon (I’m currently working on a second draft)  Enjoy!

Top Teaching Tip 5: E is for Extra-Curricular Activities

E is for Extracurricular Activities  Enjoy

Top Teaching Tip 6: F is for Flashcards

Here is the next Top Teaching Tip

F is for Flashcards

As promised, here is a post which gives some additional ideas

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Top Teaching Tip 7: G is for Grammar

Here’s the next Top Teaching Tip

G is for Grammar

As promised, here is an accompanying post with some extra thoughts and ideas

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Top Teaching Tip 8: H is for Homework

H is for homework

Here are 2 websites that you can also introduce your students to in order to help them self-study.

Top Teaching Tip 9: I is for Images

I is for images.

Here is the next in my Top Teaching Tips A-Z series.


Top Teaching Tip 10: J is for Jokers

J is for Jokers

How do you deal with class clowns?

Check out this post for 4 methods to do just that

Top Teaching Tip 11: K is for Knowledge

Here is the next Top Teaching Tip in my A-Z series.

K is for knowledge

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Top Teaching Tip 12: L is for Listening

Here is the next Top Teaching Tip

L is for Listening

This video shares some tips on how students can practise listening in their own time and how you can help them to understand natural English as heard in films and TV shows


Top Teaching Tip 13: M is for Motivation

M is for motivation

I’ve just set myself some new goals. I challenge you to set some for yourself or your students