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Liam Day

I have worked in South Korea, Spain, the Czech Republic and the UK and have worked with children as young as five and adults as old as sixty-five. 

Over the years, after many mistakes and faux pas, I developed a knack for building strong connections with students. 

I was once asked by a colleague what my secret was and I really didn't know what to say. So, I went away and thought about it and now I want to share my secret with you.


The Top Class Teacher System

Do you want what they don't teach you on CELTA? Do you want to teach English abroad (or in your home country)?

I have launched the Top Class Teacher System to celebrate 10 years as an English teacher. 

This TEFL course is designed to help you to build rapport with your students and keep them engaged.

The system focuses on key areas such as how to make even the worst book sparkle, how to use videos in the classroom and how to get students to enjoy grammar - yes it is possible.

You can also download free TEFL resources above and contact me on the form below for more information. I'd love to guide you and help you develop your teaching skills

Top Class Teacher Blog


Do you have questions about TEFL teaching? Are you stuck and in need of advice? Whatever you need, I can help. So reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter and a blog post answering your question could be featured here.

Don't be the student in your class who has a burning question and doesn't do anything about it! Reach out and let me help you

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